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New work of the Old World by JJ Jiang

This coming Final Friday , September 29, the Village Art Circle will offer visitors an opportunity to view artist JJ Jiang’s new work developed from his recent trip to Italy and France. Though JJ is known to many as a watercolor artist, most of his this group of work have been done in oil, the medium JJ is increasingly fascinated with and drawn to.   Come to meet the artist and ask for the stories behind the paintings.   

June, 2017 What a Character--New Works by Kevin Peddicord

"What a Character" An exhibition featuring character studies of people captured in a moment of time. 

May, 2017 "Inter-Depend-Dance" New Works by Jayne Walther

Artist Jayne Walther announces her solo exhibit “Inter –Depend – Dance” a month long exhibit featuring a collection of abstract paintings created with oil paint/cold wax , and photo encaustic works.

​Jayne will also be teaching a "Creative Revival" workshop in May and has invited 3 guest speakers to talk about sustainable landscapes and beekeeping.

April, 2017 New Works by Chris Harris & Elizabeth Lee

Opening Reception March 31st 6 - 9 pm

March, 2017 New Works by Lyudmila Tomova & Vinita Jain

The Color of Light" A Two Woman Exhibition of new work by members Lyudmila Tomova and Vinita Jain

March, 2017 New Works by Lyudmila Tomova & Vinita Jain

The Village Art Circle in downtown Cary is delighted to host an exhibition of new work by member Lori D. White. The show is titled, “Next Chapter” and reflects Lori’s new life chapter in which art is the main plot line. Lori is well known both regionally and nationally as a contemporary realist painter whose passion is the magical beauty of our environment, both natural and urban. An environmental scientist by profession, Lori holds a Ph. D from UNC but this year she embarks on a long- awaited dream of painting full time. This show includes fifteen new works in oil on canvas.

January, 2017 Fine Arts League of Cary Art Show

The Village Art Circle joins hands with the Fine Arts League of Cary (FALC) to open the New Year with ART featuring an exhibition of FALC members' selected works! Established in 1993, the Fine Arts League of Cary  is a visual arts group of more than 200 members.   Did you know so many talented artists reside right here in Cary?  Join us as we exhibit some of their works throughout the month of January 2017!

December, 2016 "Beyond The Curtain" Honoring the life of E. Tracey Williams

This retrospective exhibition will showcase original pieces by one of Cary's most esteemed art advocates.

Third Annual Jurried Art Show "Carolina On My Mind"

Congratulations!!! Winners of the Carolina on My Mind 2016:
First Place: "Hailey’s Aura" by Roxanne Lorch, Second Place: "Pinstripe" by Katherine Wagner, Ashworth Award: "West of Sparta" by Sally Sikes, Honorable Mention: "Blowing in from Brunswick" by Sarah Sheffield, Honorable Mention: "Split Rail Trail" by Linda Eddins.

October, 2016 Featured Artists Jillian Goldberg, Susan LaMantia, and Connie Pappalardo

"Komorebi" (sunlight falling through the trees)

September, 2016 Featured Artist -- Katie Liu

The featured artist this month is Xiaoxue Liu, or “Katie” as she is known to her friends here. Katie grew up in China where she graduated from the Nanjing Arts Institute. Her studies in the US include a BFA from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut and an MA in animation from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

July, 2016 Featured Artists -- Kimberly Alvis and JJ Jiang

The two featured artists this month are member artist Kimberly Alvis and gallery owner JJ Jiang. Kimberly works in oil on canvas, and her recent work depicts exotic scenes from her travels in the Pacific Rim countries and in the Mediterranean. Her paintings glow with color and light, offering a glimpse into the daily lives of people in far-off lands.  JJ will show new works in watercolor and oil, reflecting impressions from his recent trip back to his hometown in China.

Watercolor Society of North Carolina Central Region Show

May-June, 2016 Featured Artist -- Lyudmila Tomova "Remnants of Great Spirit"

Lyudmila Tomova is a rising star on the Triangle, North Carolina art scene. Her recent watercolors have attracted much attention locally and nationally with the expressive brushwork, color, line and a stylized flair that emphasize movement bringing the images to life. She has received numerous awards and recognition for her masterfully executed work which uniquely merges abstract and realistic elements together creating mood and energy. Originally from Sofia, Bulgaria, Lyudmila immigrated to the US twenty-five years ago and lived in New York City being a full time painter, editorial illustrator, designer and digital artist, exhibiting nationally and abroad.

April, 2016 Featured Artists -- Deborah Younglao and Elizabeth Lee "Sky Touching Earth" - Silk Art by Deborah Younglao and Oil Paintings by Elizabeth Lee

Inspired by the colors and light of the sky as the sun makes its natural arc from dawn to sunset, Deborah Younglao and Elizabeth Lee reveal that light in their new work. Younglao’s luminous, translucent silks capture the ever-changing colors of sky, sun and storm. In Lee’s still life paintings of white ceramic dishes, she explores how light creates visual shapes and shadows on the earth’s surface.

March, 2016 Featured Artist -- Dan Campbell

Among many things, Dan’s colorful impressionistic art is inspired by music. This exhibition features paintings that were inspired by some of his favorite tunes over the years. “I’m a closet rock and roller” he confesses, “but I’m moved by music from many different genres”. Dan uses a deft blend of palette knife with brush work and adds a touch of abstraction to each of his paintings. Come see Dan’s personal interpretation of where visual art and music merge. The experience just might have you tapping your feet and humming along.

February, 2016 Featured Artist -- Vinita Jain Crinkle and Color – Interpretations of a Flower

This series of work is inspired by the crepe paper flowers made by the artist’s daughter, a common craft project for children. The artist was drawn to them due to their intense vibrant, contrasting colors and the juxtaposition of shapes and forms. The artist has abstracted these flowers using charcoal and pastel to depict magnitude, drama, conflict along with femininity and continuity.

Facebook page: Visual Artist Vinita Jain

Octoberer, Carolina on My Mind 2015, Second Annual Juried Exhibit 

Congratulations!!! Winners of the Carolina on My Mind 2015: First Place: "Dunes at Twilight" by Flora Pinkham; Second Place: "On the Edge" by Janie Johnson; Ashworth Award: " Adrift" by Mary Storms; Director's Choice Award:"Blue Chapel" by Diane Rodwell;  Honorable Mention: "Old Friends" by G. Wade Carmichael; Honorable Mention: "Storm Across Sound No. 4" by Eric Saunders.

July, 2015 “Living Water”--Photographs by Chris Harris

Photographs by Chris Harris of North Carolina waterfalls will be exhibited at the Village Art Circle, in Ashworth Village, 200 South Academy Street, Cary, North Carolina. The exhibit will continue through the month of September. All are invited to enjoy this celebration of one of our state’s natural splendors.


Chris is a local area photographer who has shown his work throughout the Triangle. He is a member of Cary Photographic Artists and Raleigh’s Visual Art Exchange, as well as the Village Art Circle gallery, where he exhibits his work year round.

June, 2015 “FLOWING”--Silk Wearable Art by Deborah Younglao

Deborah’s love of the ocean is her inspiration for this new work. ‘Flowing’ will feature a collection of silk scarves and wraps, hand painted or hand dyed with various techniques, to give the impression of water.  In addition to being draped on the walls, some pieces will be hung from the ceiling, inviting the viewer to walk through panels of flowing color.

On Saturday May 30th, Deborah will give a free silk painting demonstration at Village Art Circle, where all present will be invited to take turns trying a little painting with dye on a communal piece of silk.

May, 2015 “Faces & Places” The Latest Works of Karol Tucker and Lori White

These two accomplished painters bring their talents together in this one-of-a-kind show in Cary.  Karol Tucker will share a series of profile portrait studies while Lori White will bring her ethereal landscapes, specifically her new lake series.

March, 2015 New Works of Bettina Lewicki and Kimberly Alvis

Alvis will be showcasing her new paintings inspired by her recent trip to Viet Nam, Cambodia and Laos.  Lewicki will be showing her naturalistic paintings. Both artists are classically trained and bring all their talent and experience to their art.

February, 2015 Chinese Brush Painting Exhibit

Final Friday, January 30th, 2015, 6 to 9 pm

To celebrate the Year of the Ram (pronounced Yang), the Village Art Circle proudly host its 2nd Chinese Brush Paiting Exhibit.  The show is featuring paintings of Loretta Moskal and her students: Emily Whitte, Dora Nafe, Stella Chang, Jewel Tolan, Elda Hiser, Lydia Sbityakov, Susan LaMantia, Jennie Davis, Ann Willoughby, and Jean Smith.

January, 2015 Figure Drawing Exhibit

There is a wonderful group of artists participating in the Weekly Figure Drawing Sessions at the Village Art Circle on a regular basis.  Come to see the fruit of their labor and enjoy friendly conversations with the artists

November, 2014 Carolina on My Mind 2014 

First annual juried show sponsored by Village Art Circle Gallery

Opening Reception: Final  Friday,  October 31, 2014, 6:00 pm-9:00 pm.  Live music and refreshment will be provided.  Award presentation will be held at 7:00 pm.  The Show will be on through November 22.  Come to see how artists capture and interpret the beauty of our wonderful state.  

Since the opening is on the Halloween night, you are welcome to come wearing a costume.

Winners of the Carolina on My Mind 2014

Jury's Selection

October, 2014 FARM photography by Jayne Walther

Featured Artist: Jayne Walther

Opening Reception: Friday, September 26, 2014, 6:00pm-9:00pm. Live music, art raffle, and refreshment will be provided.

The Show will be on through October 22.For more info, please go to:

August, 2014 After All -- New Abstract Paintings of Susan LaMantia

Join us for a look at Susan LaMantia's new work!

Opening Reception: Final Friday, July 25 from 6-9 pm

Did you know that Susan applies paint directly to the canvas using her hands Come and experience her expressive works.

The exhibit will continues through the month of August

September, 2014 New Impressions -- New Watercolor Work by Bert Sult

Please join us for a look at Bert Sult's new work!

Opening Reception: Final Friday, August 29 from 6-9 pm.

Come and experience his expressive works. The exhibit will continues through the month of September.

July, 2014 Full Circle--an artist's journey

Opening reception: Cary Art Loop Final Friday, June 27, 6-9pm


In celebration of its first anniversary, the Village Art Circle proudly presents founding artist JJ Jiang's Full Circle--an exhibit giving the viewers a glimpse through a window into his artistic journey through time.

June, 2014 Glimpses of Kashmir

Photographs by Chris Harris of the scenic beauty and the people of the Himalayan region of Kashmir will be exhibited at the Village Art Circle, in Ashworth Village, 200 South Academy Street, Cary, North Carolina. The opening reception will take place on Final Friday, May 30, 2014, from 6 – 9 pm. Live music and refreshments will be provided.

The exhibit will continue through the month of June. All are invited to enjoy this rare window into one of the most breathtaking places in the world

May, 2014 Celebrate Earth Day at the Village Art Circle

Celebrate Earth Day while participating in a recycle art sculpture with artist Susan Farrar Parrish. Bring small throw-away items to add to Susan's Tree of Life sculpture and also to add to future works. Please Join us for a great evening! Music and

refreshments will be provided.

April, 2014 New Works by Artists Deborah Sanks and Deborah Younglao

In celebration of the arrival of the spring, the Village Art Circle will proudly feature new works by oil painter, Deborah Sanks,and silk painter, Deborah Younglao.

Deborah Sanks will take us on a video tour of locations inspiring her work while Deborah Younglao will give a live demonstration of painting on silk! Please Join us for a great evening! Music and refreshments will be provided.

March, 2014 New Works by Sue Soper

The Village Art Circle will feature new works by Sue Soper, a waterless lithography artist, and Ella Williams, a mixed media artist. Sue will give a live waterless

lithograpgy demo. Please Join us for a great evening! Music and refreshments will be provided.

February, 2014 East Meets West Exhibit

In celebration of the Chinese New Year -- A Year of Horse, Village Art Circle features a Chinese Brush Painting Exhibit by its member artist Loretta Moskal and her students: Stella Chang, Jinnie Davis and Elda Hiser. 

Guest Artist Lecture

Monday, February 10, 2014 From 7 to 9 pm

The Village Art Circle will host a presentation by Charlotte artist, Luis German Ardila. The event is open to the public and refreshments will be served. A fee of $5 for non-members of the gallery is requested. Please RSVP to To see examples of Mr. Ardila’s work visit

January, 2014 An Exhibit of Life Drawings

Reception Date: Saturday, January 4, 1:00 to 4:00 pm

In celebration of the beauty of the human figure, this exhibit offers a unique opportunity to see some finished and ongoing artwork produced by local artists duing the Weekly Figure Study held every Monday at the Village Art Circle. The art of human figures is one of the great cornerstones of Western art. The human figure is an inexhaustible source of beauty and spirit from which one can draw eternal inspiration! Over the course of hundreds years, figurative drawing and painting has long been regarded as the foundation of any serious artist's education. Classical training, in the nut shell, is drawing or painting directly from life. No other form of exercise will be better than life drawing to make a competent and confident artist.


Dreama Oil Painting Workshop 

Six-day workshop instructed by Dreama, October 31 through November 6, 9 am to 4 pm. Our gallery will be closed from October 31 through November 6.

Art Raffle for the Carying Place

Thank you to those who bought the tickets for supporting the Carying Place, a local charity organization ( Its mission is to help homeless families with children resided in Wake County. The drawing was witnessed by JJ, Leslie, Yuko, and Chris. The actual drawing was done by Freddy Greene, a visitor of the gallery. As we enter the happy holiday season, we shall not forget those less fortunate ones. The Village Art Circle will continue to support the local charities.

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