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Suggested list of supplies for the class


  • Minimum two round watercolor brushes, one size 12(large) or larger, and the other size 6(small). 

  • One inexpensive square head, soft hair hake brush approximately 2" wide for big washes

  • One inexpensive ½" to 1"inch square head brush for lifting colors

JJ’s palette of watercolors:

  • 2 Red: crimson (alizarin) & cadmium red light

  • 2Yellow:  yellow ochre & cadmium yellow

  • 2 Blue: ultramarine French blue & cerulean blue

  • Others: ultramarine violet, burnt umber, cadmium orange (hue), Indigo, olive green, etc.

Paper for watercolor

  • In classes we are going to use one quarter of full sheet of Arches or other brands of watercolor paper 11"x15", or watercolor blocks (12”x 16”), cold pressed/140lb. or 300lb.  JJ has a stock of watercolor papers at the gallery for purchase at a reasonable price if you are in need. Just speak to JJ at class.  


  • A color box palette (be sure it can be closed): a white plastic or aluminum rectangular palette with 12 wells or more for color and an interior space for mixing.

  • One roll of toilet paper

  • One old rag (T-shirt, pajama shirt) made of cotton for use during the watercolor washes. 

  • One rigid board no bigger than16” x 20” for mounting watercolor paper (eg: gator board, Masonite board, wooden board, etc.) No need of a board if you choose using watercolor block.

  • One 1”or 1.5” roll of 3M masking tape for taping down watercolor papers

  • Water containers will be provided by the gallery

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