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A Place to...


The Circle is a place that fosters one's creativity and confidence as an artist.  It is a working studio where artists create.  The Circle  has a non-biased perspective toward arts of different media and styles.


The Circle is a wonderful, well -lit environment for exhibits, providing an opportunity for our three studio artists to exhibit their work. Exhibits will be open to the public, and the Village Art Circle will participate on Final Fridays as part of the Cary Art Loop.


The Circle will provide both instructional and noninstructional  opportunities including workshops and ongoing classes for a variety of folks desiring to pursue art.   A variety of media as well as levels will be offered.  Sessions in portrait and figurative art are also available.


The Circle offers artists a place to exchange their creative ideas, share artistic endeavors, critique one another's work and gather for social activities to bolster the artist community in Cary.

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