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JJ Jiang, NWS

JJ’s childhood was spent in China during the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (1966-1976).  During that era of madness, drawing, writing and reading poetry kept him safe and sane, and shielded him from the chaotic world outside.  Drawing and painting have become inseparable parts of JJ’s life.  They came to him naturally (and early) and have helped shape his view of the world and himself to a large degree.


JJ was trained as an architect and architectural historian with professional degrees from both the US and China.  He practiced architecture as well as taught architectural design and history.. As a fine artist, JJ draws his inspiration from both his eastern and western cultural roots, as well as his inquisitive mind and inner poetry.  He excels in drawing, watercolor and oil painting, while exploring subjects such as: still life, landscape/cityscape, portrait and figure, Chinese calligraphy and brush painting. His work has been widely exhibited, collected and has won many awards.. 

JJ currently lives in Cary, North Carolina and is the founder and director of the Village Art Circle fine art gallery in the heart of downtown Cary.   His unique art journey was written and published in the OUR STATE/North Carolina magazine, January 2015 issue.​   


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